How can you motivate yourself to finish your thesis

April 2, 2019

Hints on finding the motivation to finish the thesis

Those authors that have been working for some time know that sometimes it is extremely difficult to write text. There are many reasons for that. For example, some of the texts require tons of experience from the author, meaning that not everyone would be able to finish the text on a high enough level. The other problem is the amount of work that has to be put in. Sometimes it is just shocking how much stuff you have to think about when writing. Yet, there is another problem that some of the authors face. And that problem can be worse than all of the others combined. That is a psychological problem. It means that you have to overcome yourself to do something. One of such problems is the lack of motivation. It is nothing new to those who are working long shifts. Sometimes it is almost impossible to go through the long day. Therefore, this problem is called one of the most often for thesis writing. No wonder – there is a lot of stuff to think of when writing it. Therefore, this article is here for such authors to help them find some reasons to just go through this text somehow and get their award.

  1. Plan everything

Nobody loves planning, right? There are many reasons for that. For example, the fact that you have to spend some time aside from the main writing just to write down all the things that you have to do. Yet, there are many things that make planning great. For example, the fact that you plan your time can save you when you have a little time for writing. Yet, it is not something that helps your brain. However, one of the types of planning does help a lot. That is the simple division of the work into small parts. Not just the thesis, body and the conclusion. You have to break them into the smaller parts. And every time that you will accomplish one of the tasks your brain will get some good energy, as you have just completed something. That surely gives you the motivation to keep going and finish more stuff at once. Sometimes the motivation will be so high that you will even overdo the plan. That is extremely useful when writing the last sentences of the thesis statement of your text.

  1. Think about the award

Many people forget that they are not just doing the work for nothing. There are many things that make your writing not just useless work. For example, the fact that any work is rewarded. The same here, you are not doing it all for anything. If you are writing one of the school texts there are many rewards that you can get. Sure, the grade is one of the most influential. Yet, there are some reasons that are worth almost as much, yet people tend to just ignore them. As an example, you cannot measure the amount of experience that you gain by writing a paper. Not just the level of your writing increases, but also the planning skills and stress dealing. Yet, if you cannot find enough motivation to just go through it all, it might be awesome to check out one of the thesis writing services, like

  1. Give yourself the reward

Remember the planning part? There you gave yourself the reward by just finishing the parts of the plan. Good enough motivation for some, but not for the others. Therefore, you have to find another way to treat your brain. And there are plenty of those. For example, try to use the candy method. Just set up some small goals that would be easy to accomplish and give yourself a treat every time that you reach your goal. That does not have to be a candy. You can use anything you love so much – from the quality time with your cat to watching some videos on the Web. Anyway, just find the one that would fit you the best!

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